europe 1European Cities are steeped in history,  replete with historic landmarks and contemporary architecture + world famous museums, music & dining. Driving through small towns, the local color & cuisine rival the charming hotels & hospitality in the UK, Continental Europe & Scandinavia or consider travel via Train with EurailMont St Michelle

Visit the Normandy Beaches, World War II sites and Visit the Normandy Beaches, World War II sites and discover towns such as Deauville, Bayeaux, Rouen and Honfleur convey the culture & cuisine of Normandy. Bon Appetit!

BarcelonaBy Land or By Sea, Enjoy Belle Epoque resorts in& Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Lisbon, London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam & Scandinavia. Pack & Unpack only once cruising the Mediterranean, Atlantic & Baltic!

Southern Europe is less-crowded and less expensive in late fall. Suggestions: Amalfi Coast and Positano; Lisbon & the Algarve; Barcelona, Ancient Greece or intriguing Istanbul straddling the Bosphorus between Europe & Asia. positano