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What We Do

In addition to giving you everyday service for the everyday needs that nearly any good travel agent can provide, Travel Anywhere applies singular talents to meeting special needs beyond the competence of most other agents, even the good ones.  By this we mean the special needs of individuals who require a level of quality and compatibility in their travel that routine planning rarely produces, or the special needs of organizational groups whose interests demand a degree of expertise and special handling not to be found in ordinary tours.  For example, we practically invented the concept of the fund-raising travel tour over twenty years ago.  Today, among more than 20,000 travel agents in the country, we compete actively with just three or four in organizing and operating special interest cultural travel programs.

Why We Do It So Well

First, Travel Anywhere operates differently from most agents in that we create and implement our own tours from our offices in Philadelphia.  We assign a member of our experienced Philadelphia staff to lead each tour.  We use the finest hotels, dine in the most highly regarded restaurants, and are received in the best private clubs and residences.  We focus on a kind of friendliness and congeniality that only common interests and similar tastes can engender.  Finally, our friendships of long standing in many of the world’s most interesting places regularly produce pleasant and often unexpected benefits for our clients –which helps to explain the uncommonly large numbers of them who return to us year after year for another memorable trip.

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